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[+]What sets Diverse Supply Solutions (DSS) apart from other suppliers / distributors?

Simply two words: "Our Experience." DSS' Leadership has a combined 64+ years' experience in Supply Chain Management & Strategic Sourcing - the vast majority of which was spent working for major Fortune 500 Companies. We know the challenges you face, the products you require, and the service you deserve.

[+]What if I am in need of a specific product or service that is not noted within this site? Does that mean Diverse Supply Solutions can't provide it?

No. DSS has aligned themselves with Partners who comprise a world-class supply chain and is capable of offering and providing you a vast array of quality products and services that will meet your needs - all with aggressive price points.

Disaster Response

[+]What type of products or services can Diverse Supply Solutions provide in this area?

We can provide everything from PPE to full Turn-Key Tent City Solutions (comprised of Tents, Cots, Linens, Meals / Catering, Portable Showers, Portable Laundry Services, Portable Rest Rooms, etc.).

[+]If I am interested in a full Turn-Key Tent City, is there a minimum commitment timeframe that must be adhered to?

Yes, there is a one (1) week minimum commitment requirement for a full Turn-Key Solution.

[+]What if I don't need a full Turn-Key Tent City? Can DSS provide individual items?

Yes. We can supply individual items, including Hand Wash Stations, Portable Showers, Generators, Meals / Catering, Light Towers, etc.

Vegetation Management & Landscaping

[+]Does Diverse Supply Solutions have the ability of providing any unique, cutting-edge products or services applicable to these business segments that other "traditional" suppliers / distributors in this area do not offer?

Absolutely. Two examples are: 1. A Full Line of Herbicides and Adjuvants. Examples include: Clean Cut, Thinvert RTU, Garlon (3A & 4 Ultra), Accord XRT, etc. "Custom Blends / Mixes" are also readily available. In addition to the product themselves, we offer "Technical Service" in these areas at no additional cost. Rest assured that you're in good hands, as our product experts have over fifty (50) years' experience in Vegetation Management. 2. The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry Multi Tool. DSS is pleased to have been named LogOX's Premier Distributor of their entire product line to the major Vegetation Management and Commercial Landscape Companies in the US and Canada. Through formal University testing as well as field test & evaluation within major Vegetation Management companies, the LogOX has been proven to truly be a "game changer" for those working in the Vegetation Management / Commercial Landscaping Industries!

Utilities & Construction

[+]There are many suppliers who have the ability of offering products applicable to these business sections. Why should I consider Diverse Supply Solutions as my source / supplier?

Think of DSS as your single-source partner for all of your Utilities & Construction requirements. From Rubber Protective Products (Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, etc. - including testing & recertification), Insulated Hand Tools, Hydraulic & Battery Powered Hand Tools, Ground Rod Drivers, Compression Tool Kits, Pole Pullers, Pole Mount Transformer Dollies, to Mobile Reel Transporters, we have the ability to provide it - all with aggressive price-points and exceptional service.

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